8 Reasons Why You Should Be A Minimalist

Written By Alexandra Williams

Author Bio: Alexandra is a 20-something, Philly-living simple gal, powered by caffeine and girl power. She writes about minimalism and personal finance at simplecitygal.com. - Twitter: @applexipie - Instagram: @vexinglex


Minimalism is all the rage these days, with documentaries like The Minimalists and books like the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo. Although it’s currently a fad, there’s merit to trimming down the clutter.

A lot of people hold the misconception that minimalism means throwing stuff out haphazardly and without concern for whether you might need it in the near future.

But that’s SO not the deal.

Minimalism is as much a mental mindset as it is a physical exercise. It’s hard to maintain a minimalistic lifestyle if you’re constantly buying new stuff. It really has to start from the inside, with a deep desire to better your own life and learn how to love what you already have. 

So without further adieu, 8 reasons why you should definitely try minimalism:

1.    You’ll Save Money

Once you get into the mindset of only buying what you need, you’ll start to see the cents add up over time. A $2 coffee every morning is not a lot, but over a year that adds up to well over $200 in coffee. Same goes for impulse buying clothing and overpriced candies.

2.    The Things You Love Will Become That Much More Important

It’s easy to live within the circle of buying and chucking, buying and chucking, but when that cycle stops, you’ll quickly realize how much certain things mean to you. I realized just how much I loved my $5 thrift store sweater, and I get to wear it all the time. Your favorite things become uber favorites.

3.    You’ll See More Importance In Events Rather Than Things

When you stop consuming things, you open up room to consume experiences. Suddenly trips are more attainable, and because you’re such a good minimalist, you already know the favorite things you’ll need to bring with you, no fluff.

4.    You’ll Stop Judging By What You Have, And Start Judging By What You Can Do

Having things is great, especially when you’re trying to prove something. When you stop feeling the need to prove what you have, other qualities become more important, like learning a language or spending time, rather than money, on things that are important to you.

5.    You’ll Learn A Lot About Yourself

It’s not easy to just become a minimalist. It takes a lot of mental wherewithal to change ingrained habits. The first step of becoming a minimalist is to take a mental audit of yourself – what’s important to you and what do you truly need to be happy? They’re not easy questions, but they’ll help tailor your very own unique version of minimalism.

6.    It’s A Great Party Topic

Ever feel the lull in a conversation and wonder where to go? Minimalism is universal, and even if your friends are die-hard minimalists, there’ll be some aspect of the lifestyle that agrees with them. Minimalism starts and ends with bettering oneself, and if your friends aren’t into that… well, maybe that’s where you should start your clean out.

7.    You’ll Feel Freer

One of the greatest comforts comes from feeling free. Minimalism is about knowing yourself and what you need, and when you realize that your shopping addiction (or whatever vice you have) is a result of not knowing yourself, you can start rebuilding the life you want from scratch. It’s all in your mindset.

8.    You Have Nothing To Lose By Trying

Maybe it’s not your thing. And that’s okay too, but you never know until you try. 

So come on over, have some cookies.