6 Situations Where You Have Been "Judgmental"...Without Even Realising That You Are Actually "Being Judgmental"..

Written By Abhipsa Mondal

Author Bio: An optimistic soul..Love to romance with words.. & believer of happy endings because if it's not happy it can not be the ending..!! - Facebook: @abhipsa.mondal


“Judging someone will be the last thing I would do..” We often say and believe in this statement and feel proud for not being into the shoes of the typical “judgemental” people.

Who would like a person who keeps on judging others, right? So we prefer tagging ourselves as” not-so-judgemental” bunch of people. But the truth is, more often than not we actually end up judging people and you know what is the worst part? We do not even realise that we are actually judging them..

What? Speculative about what I just said?

Let me take you to few situations where you actually judged people without even realising that you are actually judging them..!!

  1. “Look at her, she seems so rude..!!’ or “Look at him, he seems so arrogant..!! “Find relatable? Remember when we pass by someone who might not be our friend but we might have a little bit of interest in knowing that person(but find hard to approach) and before approaching them we always do a quick analysis by looking at their face just to check whether we should really talk to them or not. Don’t we do that? But, commenting about someone’s trait just by looking at their face, without even knowing them in person is a sheer judgement. Yes, you were being judgemental there.

  2. “She is always seen with guys, she must be a slut!” Ouch. You just judged somebody without even bothering to know her in person. Just because one person is more friendly with people of opposite gender that does not give you the right to talk about her character. Know them before you really comment about them.

  3. “He never answers in the class, must be having zero knowledge about the subject.” Did you feel a little more intelligent after saying this? Yes, you simply judged someone on the basis of his behaviour in a given situation (Class in this example). Who knows he might be more knowledgeable than you are, may be he just prefers to keep quiet in the class. That definitely does not make him stupid or dumb. Stop doing that.

  4. “Look at those short skirts and crop tops she always wears. She must be an easy lay.” Like, seriously? You are judging someone on the basis of the clothes that person wears. Remember one thing. In this case, More than her, it defines your mind-set.

  5. “They are always seen together. Must be sleeping with each other.” Well, Grow up..!! Two people if seen together most of the time, that does not necessarily mean they are having flings or anything. It might just mean that they are close buddies and comfortable sharing time and thoughts with each-other. Stop Judging.

  6. “So many relationships you have  had already? Either you are not relationship-ready or you must be having flaws.” Really? So what if somebody gives love chance more than once or twice and it does not last. Sometimes situations just go against us and simply things do not work out like it used to. Moving on from a relationship (or having been into more than one relationship) should not put a question mark on someone’s character or nature by any means.

These are certain things, we all have faced and yes, without even realising we actually judged our acquaintances-relatives and even friends and peers. But don’t you think it is high time that we change our thinking pattern and accept the fact that we can not just comment upon someone’s behaviour and character just by glancing them over for a week or so or without knowing the stories at their end?

We should not (anyway) judge anyone, but still in case you really want to, then at least try to know the person and his/her journey before you jump into any kind of conclusions. That would make more sense…!!