Written By Amanda Srere

Author Bio: Always looking for new inspiration and new adventures!


An open letter to everyone in my life that asks where my boyfriend is:
Boyfriends are like clothing trends,
The denim skirt that has come bouncing back into style,
The choker that has resurfaced from the 90's,
The Adidas that suddenly everyone has to have.

Every season you open your magazines or social media
To see what the new trend is that you must find,
And suddenly you find yourself scouring store websites,
Darting through promising clothing stores, desperately
In search: the hunt is on.

At first it is exciting, for a new adventure has arrived
And you feel that the air is full of promise. Just around
The corner waits the prize, and so you throw yourself
Into the game. You never tire of rummaging through
Clothing racks and spinning round in front of mirrors.

Days go by and then weeks, and you still haven't found IT.
You have found imitations and copycats, and things that
Could work, but aren't quite what you had in mind. The thrill
Begins to wear off, you begin to feel fatigued, and then
You begin to wonder if you'll ever find the perfect denim skirt.

Settling starts to sound like an acceptable option, and you
Picture yourself strutting around the city in a skirt that is
Perfectly fine, but isn't IT. It looks decent on you, and it
Is on trend, but your mind is always somewhere else when
You wear it. Even though you want to settle, you know you can't.
If you go for that second best skirt, the one that is there
And easy, and so accessible, you know that you will still
Be looking for IT. Yes, you will have the skirt in your
Closet, but it won't be the satisfying victory that you hoped
It would be. It won't be what you know it has the potential to be.

And that is why I don't have a boyfriend. I COULD have one.
I could settle for that guy from that first date that I kind of liked,
The one that watched Game of Thrones, and was cute enough,
And was a little bit taller than me. But he isn't IT, and I know that
The entire time he was my boyfriend, I would be wondering.

Wondering where IT was, where the one that I've dreamed
About, the one that I know is out there somewhere. IT is
The only trend or boyfriend that is worth my time, because
Why would I waste it with someone that was only second best?
Imitations aren't the real thing.