A Man Unknown / Mystery

Written By Ayushi Mishra

Author Bio: I'm a girl with an awkward nose trying to jot down my emotions with words, still trying to write my heart out and as it's written that i wanna spend more time writing rather than finding readers, thank you! - Instagram: @ayumwrites - Website: ayum999.wordpress.com


My question to you,
Who are you?
Are you someone i know?
Or just a person for show?
Do i know your name?
Or yet again you are one more of them!
The "no face!"
Its dark and i cannot see you through
Is it just the darkness or is it because you are you
I cannot see through your emotions nor can i see your eyes
Its dark on outside but its darker inside
I know nothing of your intentions and none of your views
You seem like a mysterious emotion
I would not know if you cry
Because this darkness is not fading away, may be you are missing a smile...

Answer is,
Who am i? You need not to ask!
What am i? I' m just a mask!
Are my intentions pure?
That i'm not sure!