It Could Have Been But It Never Did

Written By Angela Marie Mauhay

Author Bio: "I love you at your darkest" -Romans 5:8 - Website:


Erase those fancy thoughts that you have for you and him. Forget the feeling that is blossoming inside your heart. I advise to deny everything; fake it until you make it. Accept the fact that he is just not into you.

Let us make everything clear and simple. It is not his fault that you feel &*/$ now - technically. He didn't promise anything. He didn't even managed to utter sweet lines and cute little white lies. You just assume everything after all you are one of those people who believed that action speaks louder than words.

Those gestures that made your butterfly wander inside your tummy. Those little efforts that made your lips smile. The hands that perfectly fits yours make you feel that stars collide and the universe made you destined for each other. Guess what? You just made the worst idea ever.

Boom. Your fantasies fall like a bomb on your face. Technically, you are the one who made a mistake to let your guard down. But can you blame yourself if the one in front of you is your ideal man? If he is the only one you could dream of? If he is the other half that you ever imagined he could be? But you must also remember, some dreams are only meant between you and your pillow.

It is not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful. You are smart and you could have everything you could dream of - except him.

Maybe he had some issues. Commitment, relationship, trust, labels, fear, risk avoider, workaholic, reserved, 'I-am-not-ready-for-a-relationship' issues or even the shortage of his tissues is not your fault. The stars that you think is a sign is just an airplane passing by.

It could have been great. It could have been wonderful but unfortunately it couldn't.