How The Month Of November Will Go For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Written By Andrea Davis

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It's a flourishing month for you, Aries. Embrace it! You will find it easy to save money at the beginning of the month, making your finances easy to manage. On the fourteenth, a you will feel as everything in your life is going completely smoothly, everything is going your way, and you're the master of persuasion.  You will have to keep on working hard in order for this smoothness to last. After November 18, your skills will be put to the test. You will either keep pushing forward, or fall flat on your face. The choice is all yours, so choose wisely! Remember that putting time in will always will give you the results you wish for!
Good Luck Days: 5, 10, 25
Challenging Days: 1, 19


The full moon on November 3 means that it's your chance to shine. You're radiant as ever, and you're ready to shine like a diamond. As a single Taurus, you may come across someone spectacular the the start of the month. They may be worthy of keeping around for a while, if you give them a chance to prove that to you. You may have been pouring yourself into something major recently, and by the middle of the month, it is going to come full circle.  You may find yourself going off track, which could be surprising actually be really positive for you. Everything you're giving into the universe will come back to you, once you allow it to do so. You get what you give, as the old saying goes.
Good Luck Days: 13, 16, 21
Challenging Days: 4, 26


 November 3—the full moon—gives you the relaxation you've needed for awhile now. You've been running rampid, on a wild goose chase, and unsure what you're really even chasing after. You need time to chill out and put your mind and body at ease. And this month will be excellent for doing just that Smooth sailing throughout the beginning to middle of the month, and on November 27, a conjunction between Mercury and Saturn may make sense of some situation that you've been facing for quite some time now. Things will start making sense as long as you're open to it. It will be important to look deeper for coincidences that will guide you in the right direction.
Good luck Days: 5, 17, 25
Challenging Days: 1, 13


The November 3 full moon casts the spotlight on you and the people you've been surrounding yourself with. You're learning to be more spontaneous, and starting to embrace new beginnings. The new moon on the 18 highlights your creative and imaginative nature and you will feel like creating something that is worthwhile.  And at the end of the month, your past will come back to haunt you once again. Even something that you thought you had gotten over for good, may creep back up and catch you completely off guard. Embrace it. This may be a lead to something extremely positive. Go into the month with a full and anxious heart, and you'll be pleased with everything it has to offer you.
Good luck Days: 7, 13, 21
Challenging Days: 9, 19


The November 3 full moon makes your career goals come full circle. You may have the desire to apply for a new job that you've always wanted. And the odds definitely are in your favor to do so. So go for it. And if you fail, relax. Remember that your time will come, and you will come out on top. By the middle of the month, you are longing to tie up a few loose ends that have been hanging over your head for quite some time now. You've put off a project, or conversation that is needing to be had. And you will. It will be nothing but beneficial to you and whomever it involves. 
Good Luck Days: 3, 9, 29
Challenging Days: 16, 28


The November 3 full moon helps you finally get over something from the past that's been stressing you out. You could not feel any happier about this relief. On the fifth, you're all about making big plans for the near future, and you find it difficult to focus on the current moment. You want to do everything and anything you can, so you're bouncing back and forth from one idea to another, without any real common sense involved. At the end of the month, the new moon on the 18 encourages you to cherish the ones you love the most. It encourages you to pour all of your energy into your most important relationships that mean the very most. 
Good Luck Days: 9, 17, 28
Challenging Days: 12, 24


The November 3 full moon is your time to let something that's been weighing on you tirelessly go. It's the time to finally put it to rest, once and for all. It will give you a clear mind and a huge weight off your back. You may feel severely overwhelmed by this idea, but it will benefit you in the long run. Trust that. The new moon on November 18 makes you take a serious look at your personal relationships. You want to make time for everyone, without neglecting making time for yourself as well. November is all about finding that balance, and weeding out the negative things you no longer need as a part of your life. 
Good Luck Days: 7. 16, 28
Challenging Days: 9, 26


With the November 3, your romantic life will be blooming. You feel sexy, and you want to share that sexiness with a partner. You are confident, and you desire a romantic connection with that special someone. November is all about connections for the Scorpio. All month, you're unleashing different layers of yourself to people. You feel vulnerable, but in an incredible way. By the middle of the month, you have a bit of an identity crisis, but don't panic. It is short lived, and more of just a way for you to try new things and explore new sides of yourself you never noticed before. On November 21, a Venus-Pluto sextile could heat things up in the romance department, giving you the confidence to take the plunge with your latest prospect.
Good Luck Days: 5, 12, 22
Challenging Days: 4, 26


The November 3 full moon brings you much happiness. It brings you a healthy mind, body, and spirit. You are feeling nostalgic of the past, but in a constructive and positive way. You are thinking of your accomplishments in a big way, and you finally feel proud of how far you've actually come. November will be a month of reflection and planning for the future. You have clear cut goals for next year, and you will establish them this month. The thirteenth could be a day of romance, and a new and exciting love may come from an unexpected source. So embrace it, and be open to it. Let it happen on it's own, and see where it may take you. 
Good Luck Days: 7. 16, 21
Challenging Days: 4, 26


The November 3 full moon inspires you to focus on your home life. And focus on the little things in life that make you feel the happiest. By mid-month, the new moon highlights your social life. You will likely meet new and exciting people, and you will have a blast with those people. You will feel spontaneous and eager to say yes to daring, unpredictable endeavors. November will be a very fun month for you. You will let loose a bit.  By the end of the month, a conjunction between Mercury and Saturn could shift a romantic relationship that you've been worried about. Remember, change is good. Don't fight it.
Good Luck Days: 11, 15, 20
Challenging Days: 2, 13


For the Aquarius, this month will be all about work/life balance. You have a tough month ahead of you, and it will test your patience drastically. This month, work/life balance is at the very top of your mind. You will have a lot of important questions and decisions to make this month, so be careful with how you respond to them. The new moon on the 18 brings you a new, exciting career opportunity. It may not be the right one for you though, so be extra cautious to sign off on it just yet.  On November 25, a big secret is revealed—but you shouldn't jump to conclusions right away.  And absolutely wait before you take any sort of action.
Good Luck Days: 2, 11, 20
Challenging Days: 4, 17


The full moon of November 3 brings a wave of energy to you, making you eager to tackle home projects. Maybe you want to spruce up your pad, or re-start decorating completely. You want to make your home, more "you".  The new moon on the eighteenth encourages you to try new things. It's forces you to expand your horizons, and take a big risk that will end in much pleasure. You may be tempted to book a impromptu trip to somewhere far away that you've had on your mind for awhile. Take the plunge. Buy the ticket. You won't regret it in the slightest. Towards the end of the month, a Moon-Neptune conjunction on the 26 suggests you pin point your passion through the deep emotions you've been feeling as of late.
Good Luck Days: 13, 16, 22
Challenging Days: 9, 19