Written By Alicia Rose Whennen

BIO: Writing is something natural to me - Instagram: @aliciarosewhennen - Website: aliciarosewhennen.weebly.com


The darkness behind my door
Tends to take many forms. 
Shapes and sizes,
Colors galore. 
There is no limit
On the horrors behind my door. 

The darkness it lurks,
It wakes me in bed. 
It makes a smirk,
I’d awake with a jerk.

6 am. Awake and losing my head. 
The darkness comes out
Horrible forms aflame enrage.
The darkness consumes,
Eats and takes what it may. 

I have no chance to fight
No dream to return to. 
All I have are nightmares,
As I’m sure we all do. 

But I can’t wake up when I’m already awake. 
The pinch trick doesn’t work here. 
There is no one here to me they shake. 
This darkness behind my door,
Was my very last fear.