6 Signs That Show You're At The Pre-Breakup Stage

Written By Abhipsa Mondal

BIO: An optimistic soul..Love to romance with words.. & believer of happy endings because if it's not happy it can not be the ending..!! Facebook: @abhipsa.mondal


“Break-up” is probably the most dealt with word in our lives. Almost everyone has faced at least one break-up in their lifetime. Nonetheless, there are couples who are unbreakable but they are the rarest bunch. (This article is for those couples who are in a troublesome or not-so-happy relationship and probably on the verge of break-up. But whether they would break up or not would depend on few signs discussed in this article and on them of course.)

Have you ever been in certain situations where you felt that, at present you are in a relationship but there are 99% chances that you are going to break-up sooner or later? Let’s name this phase as “Pre-Breakup” stage. Now let us dig a little deeper and find out the signs that actually indicates that we are on such a phase at the moment.

1. Missing The Spark

Remember the time when you started dating one-another..?? It was that spark that turned into a fireball and you two got hooked? But, lately do you see that spark is missing? Well, when you see that spark is missing (like forever) because no matter how much you try (or not try) that spark is vanished somewhere and there is meagre chances to get that spark back in your relationship again then that clearly indicates that it is probably the time say goodbye to each other.

2. Need to Think Twice Before Speaking

Love means to let your thoughts out and expressed without any filtrations. If you need to think and analyse a lot about what should be told to your partner unlike before when you both could talk about anything under the sun without giving it a second thought, then it is definitely not love anymore. If you need to do this thinking analysis before speaking then it is probably time to think about your bonding too.

3. Absence of Romance

Love is all about being romantic with each other-surprising each other for no reason-saying I-Love-You to each other if not often then at least once and missing each other when not together. If you are not experiencing these tiny little things anymore in your relationship and you secretly miss being treated special by your partner then think again..!! Think again if it is love that kept you together or you are just staying together for the sake of it..?

4. Bored

Lately is it the case that you people run out of topics to converse with each other and the silence is not the pleasant one either? Then you accept it or not, you people already got caught in the monotony and are bored with each other. Probably that is good enough a reason to bid adieu.

5. Not Same Chemistry Anymore

A great chemistry is the secret of all the lovey-dovey couples. If you see that chemistry does not exist between you two anymore then it should be well understood that love has died somewhere in-between and if not dead it has reduced with time instead of soaring high. If that is the situation then question yourself why are you even being with one another? Because a relationship without chemistry is just like a car without its wheels.

6. Difficulty in Understanding Each-other’s Priorities

Remember the days when you people understood even each other’s silence? But lately, it is becoming next to impossible to understand even each other’s priorities even and if even trying to understand each other gets on your nerves then probably that indicates the love and the bonding you two shared once, has gone missing already and it might end up in a split soon.

No, do not get scared just maybe you faced any of these situations said above once or twice because every relationship goes through dull and bright phases. Just make sure that does not become a routine and you people actually stop enjoying each other’s company like before.
But, in case you are facing these issues often then probably you are on that “pre-breakup” phase and need to wind up the relationship soon Because happiness would be without each other in this case.

But in case you people are absolutely sure about your feelings and want to be with each other no matter how hard it gets then please work on your relationship & do not forget the power of love. Because if love is there then everything else can be fixed..!!!