Was It Only Friendship?

Written By - Aayushi Rastogi

Sanguinely baking the art in the cornucopia of nature's abundance - Facebook: @FTMystery


I am pretty sure it was just friendship
Until it happened, I was novice.
Until it prospered, I was modest.
His arms were my cradle,
His words were my sword .
We never had any need to gather,
What common people called mode.
I was shaken as the golden wind, passed;
Caressed the folds of my mind, massed.
It wasn't mild,
It wasn't wild,
It wasn't sharp,
It wasn't scarce.
Darkness could not have been brighter,
Days could not have been longer,
Failing could not have been mightier,
Will could not have been stronger.
I am pretty sure it was friendship.
On a sudden subtle night with wide gaping
Stars, that didn't know draping.
Sleep, that constantly kept flaming.
He came closer and whispered-
"I've found another piece to lure or perhaps Smear"
Then moved back and disappeared.
That turned me In a sodding mess with a lurking heart,
Kept my staring eyes with a shining stark.
Meant to meet but not mingle,
I kept on my feet and lingered.
To find a place where IT existed,
The roads blocked and air misted.
The forces combined voraciously to tell me,
What was once upon a time,
Could never again be mine.
I vanish to find it again,
To un-turn me completely sane.
As I Float like a wrecking ship,
I wonder was it only friendship?