Why Getting Your Heart Broken Is The Best Thing That's Happened To You

Written By - Aishath Shaifa Shahid

BIO: Lawyer by profession. Unnecessarily awkward. Constantly hungry. Hate snakes.  Instagram: @shaishahid


Note to self:

They are wrong. There’s no such thing as a clean slate when it comes to a breakup. You don’t just walk away from each other into your separate lives like nothing happened. The truth is you will always hold a part of him with you. You knew the minute you let your guard down that things could go either way. You chose to be optimistic. You took a leap of faith. You accepted his offer to go on an adventure with him. Despite the unbearable heart break that you are feeling right now know that that was the best decision you could have ever made.

Here's why;

He taught you how to be unapologetically yourself by loving you at your worst. You learnt how to be truly patient every time he made an untimely joke just to make you laugh. You knew his heart was always in the right place and thats how you learnt to be more accepting when he made a mistake. You are now fearless because he reminded you to be so everyday. Above all, he taught you the meaning of compromise by choosing to be with you; your shortcomings included. Sure, he shattered your heart and took a part of your fragmented soul with him when he left but was that a big price to pay for all that he has he taught you?

You can't expect to fix yourself overnight. You have to allow yourself time to grieve. It’s okay to cry over losing someone you shared your deepest, darkest thoughts with. The truth is, he tried. So did you. Things just didn’t work out. Fate, destiny, karma - call it whatever you will. Things may not be what you want it to be but it’s exactly what it needs to be. You need to accept that he has done his part in your journey. He has prepared you for what's to come. 

You will be ready for another adventure soon. Until then, learn to love YOU. After all, you are all you've got.