Sometimes It Just Isn't Meant to Be

Written By - Aditi V

BIO: Aditi is a med student that likes, in no specific order, to eat, sleep, cook, read, write and laugh.


That day in the storm
Changed everything
For the sparks we had:
The rain came down
And washed away
The fire we'd been kindling.

We whispered to each other
That it would be okay;
The warmth we'd gotten
Would be enough
To carry us through the cold.

Our fire had burnt so bright,
We convinced ourselves, 
That even without the light, 
We'd be able to see in the dark.

But the daylight we'd hoped for never broke,
And in the cold, dark night we learned
That even the stars go to sleep

We huddled closer and held on tighter, 
And even though we wouldn't say it
We both knew that we never should
Have gone dancing in the rain

You and I
Struck match after match,
Lighter after lighter-
Doing all we could
To re-ignite the flame

We should have known though: 
Storms just wreak havoc
And survivors we were not. 
Not then. Not yet.
And the thing about lighting doused fires is:
Wet wood can't burn