Uninvited Guests

Written by Ahmed Bakry -

BIO:  I'm not crazy, funny, interesting, living on the edge or any of that shit you'd usually find in Bios. I'm as BORING as hell and obviously honest.  Facebook: @ahmed.bakry.5


Don’t you just loathe uninvited guests? Out of the blue they just show up at your doorstep completely neither announced nor expected with complete and utter disregard to what you had planned for the day. They come in, make themselves at home and impose their presence on you whether you like it or not. You could have had important plans for the day be it errands that needed to be taken care of, work that needed to get done or better yet, you could have been finally going out on that date you’ve been planning for two weeks now. You also could’ve been intending to spend a nice lazy day at home stuffing yourself with delicious food and watching TV in bed choosing to temporarily forget about the stressful world we inhabit and pretend if even for a day that life is just perfect. The sad fact however, is that no matter which plan you had for the day, it has most definitely beyond a shadow of doubt been ruined by the arrival of the aforementioned uninvited guest. All the potential and infinite opportunities life had in store for you on that day have taken a rain check the second said guest rang the doorbell. 

Not only do uninvited guests ruin your plans as comprehensively explained earlier, they also have a habit of making themselves the center of your world. Realistically speaking, upon the arrival of uninvited guests into your household, they instantly become your responsibility and hence your problem. You are suddenly, in the blink of an eye expected to cater for their every need and entertain them so long as their shoes keep clicking the floor of your oh so lucky home. You can’t just simply decide to pretend they’re not there, well simply because they are and any futile endeavors attempted by you to deny that fact will simply be fated to an untimely death at the mere sight or sound of them. They become for the duration of their stay, your new set of priorities while your actual real priorities forcefully take a back seat.

The good news is, uninvited guests eventually leave in a matter of hours (or days in extreme cases). So one can take solace in the fact that time spent with uninvited guests however annoying it might be, is temporary and more often than not, only inflicts short lived damage rather than long lasting agony.

Sadly though, the same cannot be said of uninvited feelings that you accidentally -through no plotting of your own- develop for someone you shouldn’t have, no matter how carefully you’ve had your guard up in an effort to absolutely eliminate the chance of succumbing to such a fate. They somehow keep developing within a deep corner of your soul while you’re completely oblivious to their existence, let alone development. Then just like that, they decide to show up and grace your life with their presence. Uninvited feelings do not ring the doorbell; they smash the door wide open. They budge right in with a wide grin across the face because they know all too well that once they’ve successfully walked in, there’s no going back for a very long time. Unlike uninvited guests, uninvited feelings do not need to exert the slightest of efforts to grab your full attention. They’ve already got it the second you found out about their existence. Smart and quick witted individuals may occasionally come up with a perfectly good excuse to get rid of uninvited guests on the spot…. Not gonna work with uninvited feelings though. Maybe lock yourself in the bedroom? Uninvited guests might eventually show themselves out. Uninvited feelings on the other hand will be sitting right there next you on the bedside, hanging from the chandelier, peeking at you from the closet, staring you in the eye from across the room… You name it. And they will all have that smirk on their face as they look at you the way a victorious Military General looks at his defeated counterpart on the battlefield.

Uninvited guests inhabit your household but uninvited feelings inhabit your soul. There’s absolutely no way to instantly get rid of them and you simply need to deal with the fact that you’re forced to host them for the foreseeable future.

Uninvited feelings share a lot of traits with unexpected guests, some of which I have tried to elaborate upon to the best of my humble ability of putting words together. However, one trait they most certainly do not share with their human counterparts is duration of stay. Uninvited feelings tend to unpack and stick around for very long, definitely a lot longer than the naïve host would hope for.

Uninvited guests are an annoyance. Uninvited feelings are pure evil.