Written By Aarushi Kakwani

19 year old ambivert, raconteur, equality supporter and pathetically aesthetic. Instagram: @aarushikakwani

Change is something we can't differentiate between whether it's good or bad.

Change is something that happens so quickly, you wouldn't even realize it happened unless someone points it. 

Change teaches us a lot of things. Change teaches us to overcome our insecurities. It makes us nostalgic.

It makes us question why we were the way we used to be, or why we are what we're now. Sometimes change makes us love ourselves. 

Change is really powerful.

Change a person and turn them introvert from extrovert or extrovert from introvert. 

Thinking of change gives many people anxiety and sometimes change is itself anxiety.

Some people want a change in their life whereas some people don't want a change in their life, ever.

Change can also make a happy go lucky person have depression. 

Sometimes it makes us hate ourselves. But nonetheless we should always love ourselves and make ourselves our priority. 

Change also teaches us that we're not who we used to be. That nothing is permanent in life. People come and go and sometimes we have to let go and watch. Sit back and enjoy the moments in your life.