A Letter To My Best Friend

Written By Karissa Ekwall - I attend a University in Rhode Island where I'm studying psychology and criminal justice. I have a passion for life and exploring new things with the people I love. Writing allows me to dig deeper into who I am and what I feel without limits. Instagram: @karissaekwall

A Letter To My Best Friend

To My Best Friend,

I believe our paths have crossed multiple times in multiple lives. Our smiles replicate one another's even in the quietest moments. When we are apart, I can feel your love in my laughter and I can feel your kindness pounding in my heart. 

A best friend means different things in different moments. A best friend is a person who holds your hand when you’re walking through a large crowd. A best friend is a person that tells you their secrets because they want you to know them. A best friend is someone who listens to your troubles and loves you even more because of them. My best friend does all of these things, and more. You wipe away my tears that have been shed far too many times over the same situations. You laugh at my jokes that aren’t even funny and you let me play my music as loud as I want. You do these things for me and I am better because of it. I am stronger knowing I have you in my weakest moments. I am happier knowing I have you in my loneliest hours. 

When I look in the mirror and see my past, present, and future, I see you. Our memories are filled in my head and our destiny is clawing at my surface. I will put you first like you’ve done for me so many times before. I won’t get mad when we go too long without a phone call, and I won’t get jealous when you share your soul with another. I know we will make lives for ourselves in different towns, at different times, with different people. Yet, I know there will be a picture of us hanging up in every room I’ll ever live in. I’m not the type of person who enjoys change, but I know you are a constant in my life no matter what. Our adventures have left scars on my skin that bring me happiness whenever I see them. My phone is filled with evidence of the places we’ve been together. Thank you for healing my heart and thank you for letting me see yours when it’s been broken. Thank you for being silly with me and thank you for taking in the serious moments as they come. Thank you for being the genuine, authentic, and beautiful person that you are. I’ll see you in another time, in another life. 

Your Best Friend