To The Girls Who Want To Be Heartbreakers

Written By Hannah Mickey - Writer, educator, friend, sister.

To the girls who want to be heartbreakers:

I get it. You’ve had your heart broken one too many times. You trusted the wrong person and they walked away. You always swore up and down that you’d be the one to leave first, but they left before you got the chance. Learn from that.

Please don’t hate yourself for staying. There’s nothing poetic about staying in a bad relationship, but you stayed because you didn’t want to give up hope. You stayed because you weren’t done fighting yet.

But he was. So he left and he left you heartbroken. 

And now you’re ready to do some heartbreaking of your own.

Have you ever thought about this, though? Maybe you’ve already broken some hearts.

Think about the time you checked something on social media, even though you knew better, and a picture broke your heart from afar.

Think about the time he flirted because he thought you were cute but he didn’t want to be with you.

Think about the time you got your hopes up so high after you started talking to someone and how the relationship ended before it even began.

Each one of these times cracked your heart open just a little bit, and I bet these people who did it had no idea. You don’t know that you haven’t already cracked a few hearts open.

Think about the friendships you’ve let get away.

Think about all the people who let you down in one way or another. 

Think about the smiles you’ve sent to some innocent boy, knowing you just wanted to be friends.

So wish to be a heartbreaker and wish to break their hearts, but don’t forget you may have already done some damage. Don’t forget that you’re a little broken right now and that’s okay. Don’t forget that one day when you’re not so broken, you may regret breaking that sweet boy’s heart. Don’t forget to be cautious - you don’t want to turn into the one that breaks your own heart. Don’t forget and don’t use someone for the sake of breaking a heart or two.

That’s not who you are. You’re not someone who leads people along. You’re not someone who just sticks around for no reason either.

I get it. It hurts to be the one who stayed. You think it makes you weak, but you are wrong. Refusing to give up the fight makes you so much stronger than someone who just quits. 

You think that there’s no poetry in staying in a bad relationship but there is poetry in breaking someone’s heart. You think that’s where the strength lies, but, trust me, the life of a heartbreaker is much lonelier than the life of the heartbroken.