This One’s for You: Whoever You Are, Wherever You Are

Written By Lady Fritz Litang - Nurse by profession. Writer by passion. Modern day Filipina. Twitter: @missladyfritz & Website:

Hey you! Yes, you! Read this. This one’s for you.

This is for the young people who have been offered a lot of possibilities for the future yet still can’t decide what they want. Whether the options laid out are driven by pressure or by passion, you clearly have no idea which path to follow. You come to weigh things, imagine yourself in the future, and with closed eyes you bravely question, will my loved ones stay impressed and proud of me regardless of what my chosen path in life will be?

This is for the people whose lives were changed permanently after being young and reckless. You look back on how things were sailing smooth for you and realize how easy living would be have you not lapsed during that time in your early years. You recount all your hardships and try to recalculate what success might have become of you. Whether you’re currently living in a satisfied life or not, there’d be moments when you’re left to ponder, what might have been?

This is for the people who feel left out. Looking through your social media makes you feel jealous of all your friends leaving the country or landing a job or position which they claim to be happy about. Knowing that they are just the same age as you or worse, younger than you, makes you feel frustrated that sometimes bitterness seep in through you and you can’t help but ask heavens, am I ever deserving for an opportunity like that when I know for myself that I can put effort in work just the same as them, sometimes even better than them? 

This is for the people who got shattered by the loss of someone. They say moving on is the hardest thing to do in life and once your past that stage, you’re good to go. You go on each day hoping to get done with that stage, yet no matter how hard you try, waking up each morning seems like going back to square one. You feel like the best version of yourself also walked out of your life along with that one person who left you. In silent tears you ask, when will these tough sleepless night end?

This is for the people who thought they lost their way. Experts would say, figure out what you want in life and start making ways that will bring you closer to your dreams each day. You pursued the course that lead you to your dream job today yet somehow, something seems to be lacking. You feel it within you that you’re not truly satisfied and what you imagined feeling before once you land the job you have now, is not the same feeling you are actually experiencing at the moment and you wonder, after all the years of hardship, have I chosen the right path?

This is for the successful people whom everybody looks highly upon. People can’t help but compliment the success you’ve achieved and just when everyone thought you’re perfectly happy living your life, you cry behind closed doors because you know everything is not as fine as everyone thinks it is. You refuse to put your guards down in public because you feel like it’s the only thing you have left. That despite the success, you know and you feel that something is wrong. Behind each genuine expression of gratitude for all the appreciation, you utter to yourself, ‘If only you guys know what I’m going through’.

This is for the people who went through about almost everything this life has to offer – good or bad. If you are not giving warnings and advices to today’s generation, you recuperate the story of how you surpassed one challenge over the other. Nevertheless, you also reminisce the moments in life which you think you’d change have you been given the chance to do so. In tranquil moments, you recount the years you’ve survived, all those tough times you thought you can’t get through and all those moments which gave your existence a meaning. After all the nostalgia, you decipher, have I lived my life well?

This is for you who is reading this. The fact that you can relate to one of the mentioned scenarios above clearly signifies that you are not alone. One way or another, a lot has been in your shoe and a lot has also made it past that stage successfully.

While you whimper thinking how you’ve ever gone to such point, or what have you done or not done to be where you are now, imagine the things that you would have missed have you not arrived to the point of frustration. You may opt to miss all those things since it may not be that pleasant but before you go dodging the bad times that dawned on you, think of how you managed to get rid of it. Have you done things you never thought you’d be able to comply? Have you received a compliment you haven’t noticed you possessed? Have you not pushed past your limits in hopes to get over a certain situation? All these things are achievements you failed to honor. Sometimes, in desperate attempts to keep things working, we focus solely on the goal and get depressed whenever we don’t hit our target. We forget to cheer ourselves up for unlocking skills we never knew we had.

Human nature has it, we never get satisfied with life. We achieve one thing and wish we had the other. We had the other, we’d wish for something more. While it’s a good thing setting higher goals greater than what we already have, do not forget to be happy and thankful for the things you have now. And though it’s hard to find contentment in this competitive and materialistic world, always end the day by counting your blessings and not the things you believe you missed. 

To the undecided young group, know that what breaks your loved one’s hearts is not you picking the wrong career but you breaking the trust they’ve given while they allow you to pursue your chosen field.

To the one who’s been loop playing that life-altering moment, stop it. You can never turn back time. What’s done, is done. It’s time to straighten the crooked path, make amends on your original plans, change what needs to be changed, genuinely win back trust among people you owe apologies, and start proving your sincerity by achieving your goals. The responsibility may be twice as hard as it should be but that’s the consequence you have to face and there’s no other way around. Take it or leave it.

To the batch mate who got left behind while everyone else has gone nailing careers, it’s not them, it’s you. It’s you rejecting all the possibilities you have by saying you can’t and being afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You know what you have to do to get what you truly deserve; you just haven’t gone out of your lazy self yet. The sooner you get up and realize what needs to be compromised, the sooner you’ll see yourself showcasing success.

To the broken hearted, accept that the pain will always be there, you just have to go numb until you notice it no more. If that person killed you by leaving you behind then be glad, you have been risen from the dead and now, you’ve been reborn. If you feel like you can’t continue with your past life anymore, then create a new life, this time a better and independent one without the one who’s long been gone.

To the one lost at the verge of their career, you’ve gone too far to just give everything up. There are people who believes in you and don’t you dare let them down. You can only get tired with life but it never gets tired throwing you challenges. The fact that you haven’t achieved the happiness you imagined yourself to have even if you already got your dream job is a sign that there’s something more you should work hard for. Figure it out and again, never give up on it. 

To the one masked with success’ happy face, wear it off sometimes with someone you solely trust. Admitting you’re flawed is not weakness, you’re just human and no one gets the high in life all the time. You are allowed to laugh, cry, and even eat ice cream. You know what makes you sad despite the success you have? It’s you being too hard on yourself. Shake it away and lighten up.

To the one who’ve been able to look back in life after everything he or she have gone through, congratulations! Yes, you have lived your life well and wisely. You’ve surpassed everything today’s generation is complaining about and as you know how it feels to be there, you continue to inspire others through your warnings and advices. Eventually, the young will age and get to your stage too and you will always be remembered as a role model. Eventually, everyone will get to this last stage and realize, they’ve done it all successfully.