Dear Best Friend, You Are The Boyfriend I Never Had

Written By Lady Fritz Litang - Nurse by profession. Writer by passion. Modern day Filipina. Twitter: @missladyfritz

They say it’s rare to find your soulmate. That when you find one whose weirdness matches yours, you should make that someone part of your life for good. I met that someone years ago when I was high school and while I don’t get the chance to check on that someone always, we’ve unconsciously established a bond that’s impossible to break. One that not even a third party could alter. 

Oh, have I told you that soulmates don’t need to be of opposite gender? Matter of fact, mine is same gender as me and if I don’t call her my best friend, I tag her as my soul mate. Yes, my girl best friend is my soul mate. 

This is not the first time that I laugh at how I go cheesy over our friendship. We have intense talks before when we almost believed we’d ditch being in a relationship to the male specie but naaah, we girls have needs too. Besides, nothing is more satisfying than having your best bud around when relationships with the opposite sex fails. Matter of fact, that’s one function best friends do, welcome you with open arms, ready to slap you with reality in both the meanest and gentlest way possible. They’ll love you even if you don’t listen to their advice and would gladly take your battle’s front row even if you’ve once exchanged them over your past lover. They’ll love and take you back unconditionally regardless of how you wronged them before.

Your soul mate is that one person you think about calling whenever you feel utterly hyped or severely damaged – regardless of time zone differences. It won’t matter if she responds on time or not, all that matters is that she was the first person to know how you felt as of the moment. Because for you, knowing you’ve let out the emotion to a person you trust is like having someone to celebrate something with or dropping the heavy load and making things feel lighter. All the while, hearing a response to the situation on her point of view makes you feel secured that you’re not alone in this world. Among all the thousands of people you know, you choose her because she’s the one who knows you best and you know that no matter how bad the situation is, she will never view you less and she’ll have the same respect for you and your friendship. She knows you way too well you’ll think she’s your mom. 

Birds of the same feathers, flock together – I don’t buy that. Each of us has our own unique sides and stories, the reason why we flock together is because we found a bird who accepts our imperfections same way as we welcome theirs. We all have differences and no matter how disgusting those differences are, you’ll love every bit of your best friend’s unusual habits – whether it’s burping in public or babbling loudly on train rides. You’ll never be ashamed doing weird and quirky things with her in front of the crowd because nothing you’ll do will make her disown you. She is like the boyfriend you never had and you pray to heavens you find an equal of her, only in a male body. You can stash her room, claim every single pillow yours, and do almost-naked sleep overs together without really falling asleep, because regardless if you’ve been together the entire week, you two just don’t run out of topic. 

You don’t prioritize much of each other over your schedule, especially if work or school is being difficult, but you would gladly move mountains just to spend the next day off with her even if it means spending the whole day getting toasted in the sun, trying out new adrenaline rides, having sore feet from walking the entire day with heels on, or even skipping rest just to tire yourself cursing names of unworthy boys over your 11th glass of liquor. She will fix your eyebrow when it’s not even and trade her makeup skill for a dress in your closet that she spotted. Friendship is an endless bargain not just of things, time, and emotion but of extreme happiness as well. The good thing is, you do all of these whole-heartedly and voluntarily without counting how much it will cost you nor how much you’d be getting in return. You do this because you know you are just being your true self whenever you’re with her, no pretenses.

She’s there to step down just to see you happy. While she has the right to claim every single free time you get off from work, she’ll allow you to have your me-time and time to spend with other people as well. She knows you two have separate lives and will be the one to hand you away to that one guy she deems worthy to have you. She’ll not at all be jealous for the little attention you could give her because seeing you happy makes her happy as well and she’ll have no plans of taking that away from you. 

You see, having your best friend is like having your soul mate. You can pretty much do anything you want with or without being together physically. You can hang up without pressure and expect her to still be there to hug you when the world gives up on you. She is one of the greatest gifts you’ll ever have and she will always be one of the people who will push you up. Cheers to all best friends out there!