Written By Jhoanna de Guzman - Facebook: @jhoanna.deguzman17

When I was younger, I have embedded this image of a woman on my mind that I thought I wanted to become someday.
Beautiful… Kind…
Reserved, humble and self-controlled.
Modest, quiet and hidden.
A woman who loves like a drenching rain – hefty and intense.
A woman whom a man can come home to.
A woman who makes everyone around her feel like life is stirring and wonderful.

The list goes on..

Nevertheless, we can say that very rarely can someone have it all together. Life gets in the way. We become what we don’t want us to become. We become an imperfect person that lives in a fallen world. 
In other words, we hardly notice what we turn out to be.

One afternoon, as I was drinking my cup of tea, looking on the window at the rainfall, having my usual devotion. I have come to read about Queen Esther. 

In the bible, Queen Esther through her youth and beauty become the queen of the Persian Empire and by her wits and courage saves the Jewish people from destruction.

She stirred my life, I have remembered my childhood goal, I was reminded to be like her and I thought, she’s all I ever wanted to be.
She is indeed virtuous as she truly portrays a woman of God that we aspire to be. Sadly, modernism have changed the way womanhood is, millennials nowadays have lost that perception. 

So, let Queen Esther remind us to love the things inside ourselves. 

Here are the ten biblical traits that Queen Esther portrays:
1.    She wears strength and darkness equally well. She handles any situation with grace. 
2.    She always made sure her physical appearance is good (she does beauty treatments and eat special foods to enhance her beauty.)
3.    She chose her words wisely and integrates wisdom on her decisions.
4.    She thinks first before she responds.
5.    She trusts God’s timing.
6.    She is kind and soft even when the world has been cruel to her. 
7.    She communicates with God and ask for guidance through prayer and fasting.
8.    She is brave, was born with tornadoes in her life but still, she has constellation on her eyes. 
9.    She knows what to use to gain her advantage. 
10.    She knows that if you have done your part, then leave the rest unto God.

Read the chapter about her and study on her words. After all, we must always go back to a sample of a great woman, one of them is Queen Esther. 

Apply these, and be your own queen!