When The Music Stops, Don’t Give Up

Written By Manisha Yadav - (Com)passionate. Crazy. Beautifully impulsive. Aspiring Scuba Diving Instructor.

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There will come a time when you will feel a void so deep that you’d want to bury yourself into it. In an attempt to run away from the feeling of emptiness, you’d turn yourself into a lonely soul, hiding from every ray of hope that has the potential to bring you back to life. That’s a bit counterproductive, don’t you think?

Well that’s exactly what happens when adversity comes knocking on your door. Before you have time to answer it, the door is knocked down and you’re being pulled away into a wilderness of grief.

Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a massive failure at your startup firm, heartbreak, a serious ailment or whatever it is that is capable of giving you a heartache as vast and seemingly endless as an ocean, know that it’s not permanent. The creator always has more power than the one he/she creates. That’s true for pain too. Even though the pain appears to be emanating from a source outside of you, if you look closely you will discover that it’s within you; you have empowered it to control your very existence at this moment. 

As difficult as it sounds, the only solution out of your misery is in your own hands. Friends and family will be an excellent support system but they can’t feel what you are feeling. How then do you expect them to fathom your troubles? Life is one beautiful and wild adventure that you can’t afford to miss out on. 

Imagine letting every day pass you by while you are fretting over the good things that you don’t have. You are here to make great things happen, not to dwell on failures and heartbreaks. I know of people who have taken failures in their stride and transformed them into success. “Failure is success turned inside out” is not just a fancy line from an extremely motivational poem called Don’t Quit. It is a testament to every human being who has been in a situation like yours and to their determination to pull themselves out of darkness. 

The music will stop at times. Every minute that you spend waiting for it to start again, you lose out on the precious moments to compose your own music. 

Get up, venture out, start your journey to striking off every item on your bucket list. Believe me, you don’t want to wait for another life to be happy.