A Letter Of Confession

Written By Wayne Michael Novera - Still Finding My Place In The World, Instagram: @waynenovera23

a letter of confession

I am Morality, and I have a confession to make-- I am madly in love with someone. Someone who’s loved by many, but hated by some. He condemns restrictions; he despises imprisonment of oneself. He’s the type of man that I desired to love, but my children, my people-- the world -- would deem it unacceptable. His name--oh his wonderful, majestic name-- is Freedom. 

Why am I so madly in love with Freedom? I mean, he can love everyone; he respects everyone, and does not limit anyone. Gosh, he is perfect--for me, at least. But I am compelled by my children to be a standard, to be a perfect model that everyone should look up to. I am the epitome of righteousness, no space for sins and immorality. I. Am. Compelled. To. Be. Fuckin’. Perfect. And I can’t take this anymore. 

It’s pretty ironic that I am in love with someone who is not limited. And look at me, I am limited by myself. Ugh. It’s absolutely annoying. I can’t love Freedom because it is forbidden in my own standards, which by the way the world has set. They made me fuckin’ perfect. They argue that I cannot love Freedom simply because I don’t have the privilege of having the freedom to make my own choices. For instance, to love someone who is deemed “forbidden” by the world. Because once I start loving him, the world persuades that several traditions will be broken. See what the world did to me? My very own children limited me. How do you expect me to be happy? 

They don’t have to be excessively stereotypical. Just because it opposes the tradition does not necessarily mean that it’s “morally” wrong. See what I did there? I used my own name. How cool is that, huh? It just simply means that we have come to an age where Freedom strengthened the marginalized to speak, to be audacious, and to have the freedom to choose. Most of my children are against me, they are all for Freedom-- and that’s one reason that we’re not meant for each other. They always curse me that I limit their choices of preference, especially when it comes to love. But Freedom, my love of my life, has given them the authority to convey powerful messages. Freedom gave them liberty to love whomever they desire to love. Unfortunately, on the other hand, I limit them with my standards. 

Wait. I just realized something. Is it not immoral to restrict someone from loving? I mean, love is not a bad thing, right? It’s what all we need in order to be inspired every day. Love is one of the reasons you wake up every day. And, I didn’t just exist out of nowhere; I was made by my children. Those imperfect children. I was made by imperfect people to be a standard of righteousness. Weird. 

Fuck it. Fuck everyone and everything. I’ve had enough. I am going to love Freedom not because of my selfishness and desire, it’s because to desist the world from thinking that love is limited to one formula. Imagine a world where I am married to Freedom. Gosh, we would have sex every day I swear. We would be in a better place, I guess. I mean, you are free, and in this new world, Freedom and I could coexist. Together. You will not be compelled by the fallacies of the old tradition, because dear, love is not a political statement, it is a sentiment that should be experienced by everyone. 

I would fight for my love for Freedom. I would stand against my own children, because I know someday, they will realize the significance of it-- that me loving Freedom would incur respect, happiness, and of course, unconditional love in the long run. It will be beneficial to my children someday, and we can prove our unconditional love to them, albeit they think that we could not be great parents. But we will. And we are overwhelmingly protective of our children, and besides, stopping someone to love is immoral.

Our love may not be that romantic, but I know for sure that it is extraordinary, and we would be the greatest parents that world has ever seen. Remember, love shall always prevail, my children. Beyond your existence as humans, you should not be too caught up with me, try breaking me (but please, don’t kill people), make me a hybrid of Morality and Freedom. And rest assured that unconditional love will follow. 

With undying love,