Encouragement for the Young and Successful

Written By Kelli Elizabeth - 23. Registered nurse. Just another twenty-something with a passion for words.

Encouragement for the Young and Successful

When you are young and successful, people are going to underestimate you. They're going to question your judgment, doubt your intelligence, and undervalue your capabilities. Your actions will be restricted but your mistakes will be accentuated and held to the highest standards. The paradoxical reactions that people have to your age and success will baffle you, because anybody who truly admires your ambition should encourage you to spread your wings. Don't be surprised to find that the people who claim to be in awe of your accomplishments will often be the ones making every effort to hold you back. 

It's going to feel personal, but it won't be. Sometimes people are just threatened by the successes of others, and you should take pride in knowing that your intelligence and strengths are powerful enough to intimidate other people. Pay no mind to anyone who looks down on you from their high horse, because your continued growth and success will have you soaring miles above them. When someone belittles you with their words, kill them with kindness. Show them that you are confident enough in your abilities to completely disregard their criticism. Don't give them the satisfaction of knowing they rattled you. Don't let them believe that they made you second-guess yourself. 

Success comes more naturally to some people than it does to others, and someone who took ten years to achieve their dreams can be resentful of someone who managed to achieve theirs in four. They will wonder aloud how many corners you cut. They will try to write off your hard work as dumb luck. They will search for every excuse to dim the lights on your success out of fear of the shadow that it will cast on their own. Age and experience can breed superiority. Let that be their burden, not yours. 

You should know that for every person who doubts you, there is someone else cheering you on from the sidelines. Success doesn't have to be loud to be seen, and people will watch in awe as you thrive in spite of every single person who tries to tell you you're not good enough. Youth and success are two concepts that very rarely go hand in hand. It takes a strong person to advocate for themselves when they feel they are being devalued. There is nothing that anyone can say to take your accomplishments away from you. People can doubt you all they want to, but it still won't invalidate the hard work and dedication that it took to get you to where you are now. Keep growing and learning and showing people that you are so much more than they believe you can be.