Life in the Eyes of a Twenty-Something

Written By Areej Francisco - A bibliophile who is crazy for words. Struggling writer and a student. Twitter: @ajfrncsc

You breathe.
You eat.
You drink.
You sleep.

Easy as 1, 2, 3, no?
Maybe when you were still a baby that is what life is all about.
But how do you really live a life?
For me, you live your life depending on your age group. And now that I’ve reached my 20s, life gets better and harder at the same time. I think this is the age when life hits you, well not only hit, but it kicks in, it kicks in real hard.
This may as well depend on one’s maturity, but at the age of 20-something, that’s when you realize all the oddities of life.
You laugh.
You love.
You work.
You cry.

It’s the same process over and over again. The same routine every morning.
No matter how much we tell ourselves that we should live our life to its fullest, not everyone has a luxury to do so. Many magazines will tell you to travel there, try this, buy that, and that’ll make your life happier and better. If only it’s as easy as that.
But the truth is, it’s not. Life’s going to be really hard on you, you have to work on every single thing, especially if you’re just an average 20-something like me. And you not only work for material things, you also work for affection, for understanding, for trust, for recognition. Because tell me, who doesn’t want to be acknowledged? Aren’t we all working hard to be rewarded? That is what reality is, you work to get your reward, you work for what you want.
This is the age when you stop wishing because you realize that your tooth fairy or your fairy godmother isn’t real. What’s real is your terror professor, irksome boss, strict parents and tacky partner. But as time pass, you just learn to live with it. How? You accept it. You accept the things you cannot change. Or you start the change.
This is the age when your heart runs fast, and it’s not from running, it’s from cramming for that late projects or exams or proposals. I’ve noticed that as I age, the days seem to be shorter and shorter, now I’ve thought of a conclusion to this; It’s turning short because of we have loads of stuff we work on every day. We don’t even mind the time anymore; when there’s sun it’s day, when it’s dark it’s night. Every minute seems to be important. It is important. But still, we manage to procrastinate and weekend means more time for procrastinating. We know how short of a time we have but we wake up every morning snoozing our phones 5 times. And so our five-minute-more of sleep turns into an hour. But still, you get up. And that’s what matters.
You’ve come this far on your life, giving up must never be an option.
You choose to survive this cruel world.
That’s how you see the beauty in it.
You live.