8 Golden Rules For Traveling Abroad

8 Golden Rules For Traveling Abroad

There are hundreds of travel tips to write about, but here are eight of the most helpful rules I’ve found that will save you time and money while you’re seeing the world.

1. Pack Light

Everyone packs way too much stuff their first time traveling long-term, it’s almost a rite of passage. In reality, you only need around half of what you pack the rest are what-if items like an umbrella and extra clothing. Cut those out first to lighten the load. 

2. Hide Some Cash

Store extra money in different places just in case; you do not want to be lost in a different country without any money. Having another bankcard and a bit of money to get you through a few days can be a lifesaver. (Add-on: Call your bank before you leave and let them know about your plans, they might think your card has been stolen and freeze your account if you don’t.)

3. Call Home Every Once In A While

Keeping in touch with friends and family is difficult when you’re traveling. Even if you aren’t able to chat on the phone, a postcard or email goes a long way.

4. Take A Lot Of Photos

Years down the road, having pictures to remember all of the things you were able to experience is the best kind of souvenir there is. Sure, you may look like a cheesy tourist at the time, but they’re worth it.

5. One Word: Earplugs

Spend one night in a hostel with a snoring roommate and you’ll never forget earplugs again, trust me. I also bring an extra pillowcase with me; I just sleep better knowing it isn’t reused or dirty.

6. Prepare A Boredom Kit

I never recommend watching a movie when you could be out hiking or swimming, but there are those times when your plane is delayed another three hours and you need some way to pass the time. Before you leave, load up your device with movies, music, eBooks, everything to keep occupied. 

7. Don’t Shy Away From Tourist Spots

It may seem cool to hate all of the tourist attractions and just focus on the back roads and small cafes, but do you really want to pass up Times Square and the Colosseum. The city centers and popular sights are really underrated in my opinion.

8. Say Yes Often

Notice the important word here is “often,” not always. When I’m away, I try to make sure I’m saying yes more than I’m saying no. I always end up getting into situations I never thought I’d be in because of it. Have as many adventures as possible!