Life Isn't Fair

I am a very lucky man.

I only started to believe that when I talked with Miro, a Bulgarian man I met in Italy, about my future. When I was done ranting about how unfair it is that young people are expected to decide their careers so early in life his look of any sympathy changed into one of envy. He leaned in and spoke to me in his deep Slavic voice.

“Why are you worried?” he asked. “You are from America. My people give arm to be where you from. Why you think I am here? Bulgaria has nothing. I am far from family working hard job. For you, if it not work out, you go back to America. For me, this is all I have. You forget who you are. Don’t be fool.”

His words really hit me; he was absolutely right. We came from two different worlds.

Everyone speaks my language; everyone wants to be where I am from; how amazing is that? I can get on a plane and go to over 160 countries with just my passport. The world is open to me, but sometimes I forget that. I like to make my problems seem bigger than they are, but if I just stepped back for a minute I would see that they’re all solvable.

It’s a short post today but with a big message:

Never forget who you are. No one else will.

This is Miro barbecuing with what is basically a flamethrower, wearing crocs. (Best Picture I had of him.)