The Boy That Was All About Playing Games

Written By Alyssa Lynn - Alyssa is a true middle child and the definition of a Scorpio. Her passions include writing, fashion, digital marketing and social media. Facebook: @BostonBlogger & Instagram: @singlebetch

My friends and I were going out for my friend’s birthday. We met up with a bunch of people downtown before and I met this guy. He was someone new and he was really hot. Naturally I made out with him all night and even might have shown him a boob or two. There were no expectations. Now this little fucker kept in contact with me for the next three years. The texting was something that was constant. However, when it came to actual plans there was no follow through on his part. We would hang out by chance, whether it be from liking the same clubs and bars or our multiple mutual friends bringing us to the same places. No matter how long we would go without talking, if we saw each other out I was most likely licking his face. It was weird. He was always on the back burner but there was strong chemistry. As even more time passed I wondered more and more, what the hell were we doing? What the hell was I doing? At the very least, let’s go on a date, or SOMETHING. He would always flake. He often blamed it on distance. I started to resent him for that. There were always excuses that infuriated me at first but then would magically be overlooked when he was in front of my face. I would see him and we would put things right back into motion for that night. Nearly three years later he ended up moving closer to Boston and closer to my apartment. He told me this would be a good thing, since we would be able to see each other more. I made a rookie mistake and got my hopes up. If distance was our main problem, what would stop us now? Right? I did see him more often but he would still bail on plans that involved just the two of us. Then he started to pursue me more and I would bail on him. It was a never ending cycle of games. He would throw the blame on me and I would throw the blame on him. And for what? At this point we were both wrong. A month or so later, out of nowhere a friend (ish) I had introduced him to started hooking up with him. I was in disbelief. Within just a couple of weeks, they were exclusive. I was crushed.

The Lesson: If a boy want to see you, he’ll see you. If he wants to be with you, he’ll be with you. The hard reality is that he didn’t want me. If he did, we wouldn’t have gone all of this time fucking with each other. So what does a single gal do now? I wish them the best. It is shitty thinking of how they started but he didn’t pick me. He didn’t want me. He picked someone he knew for a much shorter period of time without hesitation. It sucks initially but I am smart enough to know that I don’t need someone like that.I don’t want someone like that. Neither do you.