10 Things I’ve Learned In My 20s

Written By Oliwia Lewandowska - A student at the University of Edinburgh. Addicted to coffee. Instagram: @olivia_lidia

10 things I’ve learned in my 20s. 

1. It’s ok to feel lost. Actually I think that’s all I’ve felt ever since I turned 18, in all the bits between feeling happy and sad and all the other crazy things you feel the more responsibilities you have you’ll feel lost. It’s normal, it’s natural. It should be considered admirable if anyone this age has any idea what they’re doing. 

2. You’ll experience moments when all you want to do is travel. You’ll be surrounded by people from different countries with different stories and different pasts and all you’ll want to do is see everything. All I want to do is see the whole world, and maybe one day we’ll all see all the places we fall in love with over pictures and we’ll find new ones to love. 

3. Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak. There are moments when crying is the best way of letting go of all the negative things that you feel and all the things that are hurting you, embrace it as being strong enough to let things go. 

4. Feel proud to be single. There was a time in my life where I jumped from dating one guy to the next, and only after being single for 2 years now, with not a single date to speak of, do I feel like I actually enjoy my company and the person I am. 

5. Feel proud to be in a relationship. At the same time that I’m proud I’m single, I also admire all my friends that are in amazing relationships now. It’s something to strive for that they’re lucky enough to have already. 

6. Feel proud for being able to pay for things yourself. It’s a real milestone being able to move away from home and go to university and need minimal if any support from my parents. It’s probably the only thing that makes me feel slightly adult like. 

7. Don’t feel guilty. I think it’s really important that we spot feeling guilty about going out and enjoying ourselves. Obviously there’s limits, but I think it’s about time people stop feeling bad about going out the night before, buying that jacket, eating that cake or that one night stand. We’re in our 20s, enjoy it!

8. Work out. This is something I’ve only been doing for a few months, but have felt better for it every step of the way. 

9. Stress out about your grades, or mainly DON’T. Admittedly I’m lucky enough to be in an amazing university, but haven’t gotten a single grade I’m actually happy with. I guess it’s a learning curve, maybe we all just need to stop stressing out. 

10. Enjoy yourself. This will come in different ways, sometimes I enjoy getting myself a cup of coffee, sometimes I enjoy going out clubbing, sometimes staying in bed watching Netflix. Find whatever works for you, do it, and enjoy the hell out of it!