A Collection Of Poems By Sarah Griffin

Written By Sarah Griffin - Sarah is a NorCal-born, Denver-bred writer and astrologer. She focuses on what it's like navigating the rocky waters of mid-thirties dating and the struggle to balance emotional security with personal freedom, hobbies with work, and wine with pizza. She's an eldest child Libra and would live in the bathtub with a stack of books if she could. Twitter: @rockfacesarah_8 Instagram: @bofffquafff


Once upon a time
These two people met
And they liked each other
And it was fun
And then they loved each other
And it felt good
And so they did a bunch of stuff together
And they ate together
And laughed together
And fell asleep
Protecting each other
Until that stopped
And now they live different lives
And she couldn’t tell you
Like where he eats his lunch
Or what he does on Wednesday
Because she doesn’t know
And he couldn’t tell you
Like when she got her hair cut
Or what book she’s reading now
Because he doesn’t know
But they think about each other
And they wonder
What has happened
To the other


Do not take
One more part of me
Take me whole
Or nothing at all
I would rather be
At the bottom of the ocean
Buried in the mountainside
Burning up in the center of the sun
I would rather any of these
And more
Then to let you take
One more piece of my soul
Because then at least
I would die whole


Cats crave milk but drink only water
Your window has no curtains
And the moon follows me to your home
The cat slides around my ankles
As I steal my way upstairs
I see you
Spilled over bedsheets
There’s no grace to the way you sleep
Your mouth open
Eyelids twitch
Glowing with the sheen of the day
Damp with the dreams that tangle your blankets
I used to drink you in like milk
I let you spill over my tongue
I craved you, thirsty, greedy, wholly insatiable
I knew we would end, and it made you taste sweeter
I was right
I look at you now
I am spirit
You are flesh
We no longer share language


If your hands
Stained my body
The way your words
Stained my heart
My body
Would be filthy
I would never
Be clean

One, two
Three, four, more
We go to the door
To fall on the floor
Five, six
I’m gonna be sick
Pick up sticks
Smeared lipstick
Seven, eight
Can’t think straight
Unlock the gate
got them shakes
Nine, ten
Put me to bed
Will it end?
Tell me the end.






You love me for my magic
You love me for my madness
You forget how fucking old you are
When you are with me
You love me
For reminding you
That part of you
But you are old
And you are boring
And I am not magic
And I am crazy
And I hate you
Very much
So please leave
Before I show you
Just how deep
My madness goes


Sometimes I think
If I could
I’d build a machine
And I’d go back in time
To before we met
To when you were small
And I would try to fix you
So that I would have
The best parts of you
(Instead of the parts I got)
But then I think
If I built a machine
I would go back in time
To when I met you
And I would laugh in your face
And turn on my heel
Never to see you again
Because then
All you would be
To me
Is a water stain
On my brain
And not this gash
I live with now


I could find your body
With my eyes
But my hands
And my mouth
Are better able
To recognize

“24 hours”

Breakfast, coffee
Toast and butter
Soap, Shampoo
Hair and makeup
Emails, phone calls
Lunch and meetings
TV, reading
Dogs and dinner
Glasses, bathtub
Face and teeth
Never comes
Since you left