Best Podcasts To Get You Through A Long Flight

Chances are you won't be able to play movies for the 9 hours you're flying above the Atlantic; they just take up too much space and drain battery life. Recently, podcasts have become a requirement for travelers, here's why: 

  • Space - On average, a podcast will use 1 MB for every minute of content which is amazing when compared to a normal 2 hour movie's usage of 12 MB a minute. You're getting a full day's worth of podcasts for every movie you have. 
  • Power - The difference between audio and video playback is so big the iPhone 6S details a user with a full charge can either watch 11 hours of video or listen to 50 hours of audio. Something to consider.
  • Mobile - Podcasts were made for travelers. For the most part, they're released weekly so you'll always have fresh content. When you find a show you like, instead of 13 episodes like most TV shows, podcasts can have hundreds of them.

If I Were You Show

A comedy advice podcast hosted by the duo from Collegehumor's "Jake and Amir". They answer user-submitted questions about funny or awkward situations. Some of their more famous guests are Ben Schwartz, Thomas Middleditch, and Allison Williams. "If I Were You" never fails to make me laugh.

99% Invisible

A radio show created by Roman Mars focused on design and architecture. It dives deeper into the unseen wonders of our society and how architects, experts, and people of influence create the world around us. It has a very new-age NPR feel to it and Roman is a terrific host. Some episodes are short, but the focus is always on quality.


StarTalk Radio

Neil deGrasse Tyson's podcast on space, science, and popular culture with a treasure trove of famous celebrity guests explores our world from a different perspective. If you've seen Neil before, it won't surprise you that his show merges science with comedy seamlessly. 

The Theory of Everything

"The Theory of Everything" is basically hosted by that one really cool teacher in your high school you wish had taught every class. Benjamin Walker talks about anything interesting and shows how the subject in a very macroscopic or comprehensive way affects our modern way of life. It's very similar to 99% Invisible, but I'm always looking for a lot of fresh content and Walker delivers.

Rooster Teeth

This is probably the most known of the five mentioned, Rooster Teeth is famous for being interesting and funny. Download a few for a plane ride and you'll be set with a myriad of stories and jokes that'll keep you hooked.